Blessing of Wisdom Seminar's

Class starts September 10th @ 6:30pm

What is The Blessing of Wisdom (BOW)


The Blessing of Wisdom Seminars are designed to expand knowledge of

Biblical concepts and transform that knowledge into understanding. You

must understand what you know before what you know can serve you and

make you wise. In other words, many people suffer from not having

knowledge but being enslaved by their knowledge. These course are

designed to help one understand rather for one to glean more

knowledge. BOW will be taught at a collegiate level and topics will

vary from Eschatology, Good and Evil, Social Theories,Politics,

Psychology and Religion, to name a few.



Why should I participate in BOW?


The Bible is the wisest book ever compiled and failure to know it is a

failure to change your life and a failure to be worth something to the

world. The aim of BOW is to make one complete by the Biblical standard

of hitting the bullseye.This means that what you say and what you do,

is completed by who you are by good being manifested by fruit of your

character.  BOW will teach you how to write, how to communicate

effectively and how to believe. How to be respectable as a Christian

and how to be a peacemaker instead of a peacekeeper.




The Blessing of Wisdom Seminars


101 Belief and Archetypes of Biblical Structures


Course Description:


This 8 week course is designed to expand personal testimony from past

to future by understanding the present. A present self aimed towards a

working understanding of desired future can manifest potential. Belief

and Identity structures seminar will cover a basic understanding of

the book of Genesis and expound on wisdom that reveals the foundation

to belief formed from identity.




Identify one personal promise that you have received, perceived

destiny or a future that is desired. Then write your testimony in

detail from childhood to when the promise or first conscious desire

for the ideal future occurred. List significant life changing events,

the good and the bad leading up to the promise, desired future or

perceived destiny. Detail is important. Therefore, don’t be afraid to

write to much but don’t get stuck in writing repetitively.


Once your past is detailed and understood then your future may be

addressed with responsibility. On the final part of your paper you

will write how and what you are responsible for in seeing your promise

or desired future manifest. I am not concerned with the paper length

but the detail in which each requirement is detailed out.



Finding Wisdom in The Book of Genesis


Genesis 1-2 Chaos and Order


The known and unknown

Potential in what could be and the need for mystery


Genesis 3 Man,Woman and the Serpent


Foundations of belief and the power of questions of conscious realities

What is evil and what is light


Genesis 4-5 Brothers keeper


Sacrifice and identity

Be who you should be and you wont betray yourself to your own sacrifice


Genesis 5-11The Flood and The Tower


Cain and his decedents

The State verses the Individual


Genesis 12-16 Abram The Father of the faith


The importance of Divine destiny

Leaving your fathers tent


Genesis 22-24 Abraham and Issac, Issac and Jacob


Legacy and Wisdom

My fathers sins are my sins, but his blessings are my blessings to

hinder or advance


Genesis 32 Jacob and the wrestling match


Admit who you are when you tackle what can’t be moved


Genesis 37-50 Joesph: gift or character


Why a gift can cloud your vision of reality


Who is the real hero, Joesph or Judah?


Paper Requirements:


A thesis about your promise, desire, dream or future

At least 10 resources (not the Bible) are to be included in your paper

Provide at least five scripture verses that identify a promise,

desire, dream or future

Your future must be presented in light of what you have come to

understand about your past and the responsibility to manifest that




Peer review

Papers will be exchanged at the 6th week of class for peer review. You

will grade each others papers based on the clarity of the

requirements. Provide feedback, but don’t be nice. You are reading

your peers papers for critical review and clarity to their points that

they make.



Remember that a good rough draft is a bad rough draft.



All Papers are due at the end of the 8th week.



Grades are pass/fail.



To pass this course detail is required. Your paper is about you and

your future. Failing this class is failing to make yourself ready for

your own future.



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