Who We Are




We believe that we need to be more aware of His Presences as we walk with Him in our daily lives. It is in His Presence where life is reborn, hope is gained, our courage is strengthened and where we experience His goodness. 



God values family and therefore, so do we. A family is what upholds a culture for God’s love in community. Without family, there is no Gospel. We are a family in God’s Presence. 



We are here to be a blessing to the nations. We are here to be blessed so that we may be a blessing. Our end goal, in all things, is seeing a nation disciple.

Our Values


The Fatherhood spoke is our value for equipping people to maturity in Christ. The journey that all believers are on, is going from being an orphan to becoming a son or a daughter. Then to a father or mother. Fatherhood and motherhood is the pinnacle of how we ought to live as believers. 



We believe that God matures people into prosperity. And prosperous people create a healthy culture. God is the one who blesses us and we are blessed to be a blessing. Poverty, nor riches disciple a nation, prosperous people do. 



We desire to be worshippers of God. True worship is not just a song we sing, but a lifestyle of living for Him. We are a people who serve God in every facet of life, not just during a service when we sing praises. 



The Bible is the written Word of God. It contains wisdom and revelation of who He is, and it provides a template of how we should live our lives. In order to build a healthy relationship with God, it is vital that we spend time in His Word.

What We Believe



God is...

Three in one: Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit.

God is Love, Holy, Judge, Mercy, Grace, and Truth.

God wants mankind to live for Him and be FREE from sin.


Salvation is...

For all who accept Jesus as their Lord and savior.


ThE Bible is...

The word of God  inspired by The Holy Spirit who used human authors to compile His word. (Old/New Testament)

We Believe that God’s word reveals the Father.

We believe the Bible is God’s truth.

We believe that the Bible is wisdom.


Holy Spirit is...

An equal member of the Trinity and dwells in all people who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

He is the evidence of our Salvation and He is the manifestation of God’s finished work of Jesus Christ.

We believe that Holy Spirit did not stop giving gifts to man and that the gifts of Holy Spirit are for the edification of the body of Christ.


Worship is...

A people, not a song list.

We believe that worshiping God is our number one priority as believers and we are in pursuit of God in our worship.

Worship is key to our intimacy with God.

We are a people who walk in His Presence because we are worshipers of Him.


Our Responsibility...

God chose us before we chose Him. Therefore, we are responsible to fulfill His great commission because we are saved to be a blessing.

We believe in order to make disciples of all nations, we must love the nation we are to discipling.

We believe that we are responsible to be a blessing to our cities, our families, our businesses, and our nation.




We are in the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

We are a people who are in the pursuit of the truth that God has gives through Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Word of God.


Who We Are...

Mankind is made in the image of God and as believers, we are His son and daughters.

We believe that God has anointed His believers to bring Heaven to Earth.

We believe that God has anointed each person for a purpose and a destiny.

We are in the pursuit of God's awakening in His people.



10599 Burt Circle

Omaha, NE 68114

(531) 301-5569

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