Fathers and Nations

April 25, 2018


In order for a problem to be solved, you will need an answer that deals with the root of your problem you are up against.

By the time most of us recognize a problem, we are actually confronted with the fruit of the problem not the root of it. It is very rare that we come face to face with the root of the problem, recognize it, and solve it before it grows into a larger problem. If we lack wisdom we will often deal with the fruit of the problem which may lead to pruning, but pruning deals with the branches not the root. Therefore, you may face the same problem over and over again because the life of the problem is generated from the root, not the fruit.

With that that being explained, I believe that we will soon see a people that are hungry for God and Truth. The rise of secular values are leaving the majority of the people filled with knowledge, but their souls have been left empty. The root problem that has caused this will need to have a root answer. I believe that the root problem is biblical illiteracy in the vast population of the average church goers. It is a fair assumption that if you attend church that you believe in the God that church teaches about and you value the Bible.

Think about the problem like this. The average person hears the bible as an ancient document founded by primitive people who worshiped an angry judgmental God. However, careful study and quality (not quantity) time reading, proves the worlds claims about the bible are not only wrong but overwhelming false. The root problem is the vast majority of people who believe in the God of the Bible and that the Bible is Divine have not study to show themselves approved to handle the tough questions that are thrown at believers and the church. If I had to give the root answer to solve this problem it would be that all believers must know the bible as they know how to use a car. Knowing how to drive is a part of becoming an adult. The part of a Christian to become mature is knowing the bible. To clarify I don’t mean know Spiritual books about the bible alone, but the bible.

A child can know love and even feel love. However, we know that love is but only one of the many qualities that we are to carry. Love with no discipline only produces children who are about feelings and not about the disciplines that are inspired by Truth. The bible is what makes us grow up into adults. The love of the Father without the discipline and correction of the bible keeps believers as children. However, the Love of the Father and devotion to quality reading and applying of The Bible produces believers who can fulfill the Great Commission.

The root answer is that this nation needs to know that it has a Father not a God. To know that this Father wrote us a book that fills our souls with life and liberty. If we can carry these two truths into a world corrupted with values that produces selfish people, we can solve the problem at the root. I believe that The Great Commission in Matthew’s Gospel is the root answer to the root problem. I believe as time goes on that history will show that the church ( we believers in the Trinity: Father, Son Holy Spirit) either solved the root or we did not.


Respectfully Yours,

Alyc Rideout

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