Currency of Heaven

August 21, 2018


I had an encounter with God little over a year ago while I was processing some things with the Lord. I was seeing lots of people in ministry that were self-promoting, using marketing schemes to build financial backing and much more. I also saw people trying to gain favor with man at the expense of everything and everyone around them. 


I have personally been in positions in the past where I wanted something so bad that I would do just about anything to get what I wanted. In my early years walking with Jesus, I would self-promote and personally compare myself to different ministers or other Christians. This is and was not good. 


What happened was that I had no honor for the people around me. I didn’t respect the price these people paid to be where they were. I didn’t respect their life or what the Lord created in them and through them. 


There has been a huge change the Lord has done within me since I have been saved by grace. He has placed honor deep within me but also at the forefront of my mind for the last 3-4 years. It has something that I have failed at but has also been something that has grown within me by leaps and bounds. 


So when I had this encounter with the Lord, He told me that “The Currency of Heaven is honor.” I didn’t think I heard right. I immediately thought, “Isn’t love the most important thing in the kingdom of Heaven?” 


Holy Spirit then preceded to ask me “Have you always honored everyone you have loved?” I thought about it and I could think of times that I dishonored people I love dearly. The Holy Spirit asked me, “If I did love or show love to people I honored?” 


And there was the answer to my question. You can love without honor but you cannot honor without love. If we stay within honor, we will never get out of love. Honor is such a deep term that we need to define the term honor. 


The definition of honor is to give weight to someone. So to honor someone is to grant a person a position of respect or a position of authority in one’s life. Honor is an internal attitude of respect, courtesy, and reverence accompanied by the appropriate attention. These are the biblical definitions of honor. 


As we are all children of the one true King of the cosmos than we all hold a measure of honor that we were created for. We have been given the boldness to walk into the throne room of God. Anyone with the honor of God to be able to encounter His presence than there should be an equal honor from God’s family back that that person. 


We must stay in the mindset and heart stance towards people by seeing them through the Father’s heart. When we do not see from the Father’s heart, we see from our own perspective which is nowhere near the pure understanding of honor. Honor family well. Honor from heaven. Honor!

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