One Word that Changed it All

September 17, 2018

I have been in this season where I have really been crying out to God not just for the more of Him, but understanding and be aware of Him and his ways. He then spoke to me about studying in epistles for the next season of my life. So as I have been really seeking the Lord out in digging deeper, I want to bring you along for a part of what He has been showing me. 

God has been showing me that there is a word that has caused the world to be turned upside down. It is the word “Only.” In the Latin, it is “Solas.” He struck me deep when I started to see there were all of these statements that we have all read but I personally have been overlooking them. Only Scripture, Only Faith, Only Christ, Only Grace, and Only Glory to God. I started to research these Only’s and in turn, I was astonished. 


Only Scripture 

As it says in 2 Timothy Chapter 3, All scripture is God-breathed. There is no word above it. There are only the words that God breathed on to be used to teach us what is true, to make us realize what is wrong, correct us when we are wrong, and teaches us to do right. No other text is above the word of God. 


And everything we learn or teach about the kingdom of God needs to derive from the word of God. As most of you know, I read a lot of books. I am almost constantly reading. All of these are null and void if they don’t line up with the God-breathed Scriptures. Even if they do align with the scriptures, they are still beneath the word of God we call the Bible. 

Only Faith

We are saved only by faith in Jesus Christ. Faith is the only thing that is saving us from our deserved sinful judgment. Faith that Jesus died for our sins. Faith that Jesus suffered the death we deserve. Faith that we are called children of God. Faith that death has no power over us as it had no power over Jesus. Faith, the Kingdom of God is for us and not against us. Faith we are loved by the Father. There is nothing else that saves us but faith in Jesus! 

Only Christ


As it says in 1 Colossians Chapter 1, Christ existed before anything was created and is supreme over all creation through Him God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth. Only Christ is ruler over all of the earth and heavens. Only Christ was everything made through him. We were only made in the image of Christ and not made in the image of anything or anyone else. 

Only Grace


As it says in Ephesians 2, God saved you by His grace when you believed. Only by His grace are you saved. You cannot take credit for it as it was His grace as a gift given to us. And Only His masterpiece and no one else’s. He didn’t say only by works, He said only by grace. 

Only Glory to God


Everything we do is only for His glory. We gain so much as result, and glory is one of those things we get but it isn’t about us. It is all about Him and glorifying Him. What He gives in return is not what our focus should be on, because it is only about his name being glorified. 

This is what the Reformation was based on. They got revelation of the Only’s of the Kingdom, and it changed the direction of the entire church. 


The Roman Catholics were leading the people in the wrong direction because people in that day didn’t have the option just to run down the street to a Parables Book Store and pick up a bible that they could read and understand for themselves. So they had to trust their churches to lead them in the correct way with correct teachings of the scriptures. 


Common people at that time weren’t all able to read and those that could read, couldn’t read Latin. Once they got the word of God in a language that the people could read for themselves, God would then, in turn, open their eyes to truths that were never exposed to them previously. 

I believe we are in a time in this world that we have reverted back to this. The only difference is that we have Bibles at our disposal and they didn’t. 


So I believe that when we really grasp these Only’s in the fullness of what they truly are, there will be such an explosion in the body of Christ to win souls, equip the saints, and nations will be discipled. The Only’s are gifts from God that changes everything. 


I want to leave you with one quote. 

Georgian Banov said, “The reason they killed Jesus was because Jesus said the word Only.” 



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