Callings - Giftings - Anointings - Mantles

There is this push in the body of Christ for callings, gifting, anointing, and mantles. Which are great things and I believe this is the beginning of a great move of God with his children eagerly seeking out their identity in who God created them to be. 


Where there is the good in this situation, there is also the not so good. People are going after these callings and mantles outside of what the will of the Lord is for their life, ultimately this will hurt them and those around them in their place of influence. 


The Lord created everyone uniquely for heavenly purposes with individual callings that have meaning, purpose, and eternal effect on the future and all of eternity. So why would we be going after someone else’s identity instead of trying to find out our own?


Jeremiah 1:5 “I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart…”


If this verse is true, and He knew us before we woven in our mother's wombs, then why would we go after what someone else is called to and created for instead of going after what we were created for? There is blessing, favor, and grace that was created only for your calling, gifting, anointing, and mantle that no one else can take or use because he created it for you. 


So if this is all true and you do have a specific mantle the Lord created only for you, that is going to take the gifting that he has given you, by the anointing for the calling on your life, that would mean that you would be stealing somebody’s call on their life if you’re doing anything other than what you were supposed to do. 


This is why you’ll be hurting yourself and others around you by doing somebody else’s job that you do not have a grace for or the favor for.


But the good news is when you do find out why the Lord created you, the way that He created you, and for what He created you for, is when acceleration happens, increase of anointing and increase of power in your life from heaven. This is probably one of the most exciting times of a child of God’s life other than salvation because they actually step into the one thing that aligns God’s heart to your heart. 


This is where you actually are truly co-laboring together. I truly believe that outside of your divine destiny or working towards your divine destiny, the fullness of co-laboring is not fully obtained because the favor on your life increases in times that were created just for you by God. God is longing for his kids to fully devote and surrender to this beautiful thing of co-laboring with him to fulfill His heart.


So what are Callings, Giftings, Anointings, and Mantles? Let me break this down using some basic examples that might help explain this with little more clarity. We ready? OK!


Your “Calling” is the job that God created you to do. Where the Lord has promoted you, where you do not have to sustain yourself, but He will sustain you by your good works by the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Your “Giftings” are the tools to do you “calling” well to the fullest of the ability of heaven working through you. Example the gift of prophecy isn’t the job of the Prophet but it is a tool of a believer to bring the heart of God to His people. The prophet is a gift to the body of Christ. The person who is a prophet, is the gift given to the church by Christ. This is very different than gifts the Lord gives you, but let's not go on that tangent today. Maybe another day.


The “Anointing” is the uniform you wear while doing your calling or job, with the gift or tools He has given you to use. Anointing meaning is to smear. So I propose that the true way to become increasingly anointed by God is to get as close to Jesus for as long as possible, as much as possible. In that way, you get smeared with the oil that God the Father has anointed Jesus with. How amazing is it when we have the ability to get so close to Jesus we can get the oil that the Father has anointed him with just by Jesus holding us in this love relationship.


The “Mantle” is the badge you wear to get into the places you need to get to do your calling (job), with the gifts (tools) you have, by the anointing (uniform) you wear to show you are equipped to do the job you are doing.  The mantle is the place of influence that the Lord has granted you to serve the kingdom.


Seek God to find your job, so you can ask him for the tools to use your ever increasing anointing to serve your mantle! Be blessed.


I pray that in all the body of Christ, there is an identity clarification. When you know who you are because of whose you are, you will be able to bring a part of Gods heart that we all deserve to know. 


Andrew Phinney

Associate Pastor 

The Omaha Hub

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